workshop in shenzhen, china
in april 2015, a group of architecture students from the fh erfurt architecture and city planning department made an excursion to shenzhen. we teamed up with students of shenzhen university to design a competition entry for the new bauhaus-museum in dessau. our chinese partners were very kind and competent, so we spent an awesome time there and afterwards in hong kong.
sketching excursion to flanders, belgium
in mai 2015, we visited cities like antwerpen, gent and brugge (foto) in flanders and drew some sketches of interesting perspectives/situations. click on the pic to see some sketches!
workshop "stadt heilen - statt heilen"
for architecture students (and partly urban planners) at fh erfurt, there is one week every half year reserved for the so-called “compact week“.
students of different semesters build up a team, develop and submit any kind of media related to a certain topic, in this case “healing erfurt“.
this compact week was a very special one because students of the SPA Delhi came to collaborate. linda and me teamed up with rahul; it was a really enjoyable and unforgettable week.
instead of giving advice on how you could improve a city like erfurt (as we were expected), things evolved slightly different...
click on the picture to get to the video!
painting excursion to morocco
in mai 2016, a group of architecture students made a trip to morocco to watercolor situations and sites in marrakech, imlil and essaouira. click on the pic to see some paintings!
egon-eiermann award
the 2015 egon eiermann prize was about to design a german architecture institute (inspired by rotterdams NAI netherlands architecture institute).
location, spacial programme/organisation and size were up to us. click on the pic for further material!
christoph steigerwald